Monday, January 21, 2008

Social Security

I thought that working condition of government staff in third world country is not perfect and unknown about their own system but I experienced the same here in US too.

Previously, I was in US in different status of visa so I was not able to have my SSN which is pretty much straight forward but after I was admitted to graduate school with scholarship and assistantship which then allows me to have SSN. I applied for my SSN on Sept 2007 and still my SSN was not issued, and then I went to Federal office (6th time) on Jan 2008 to know what is that taking so long since I have to submit the tax form and all. There I got to know that they were waiting and asking for my visa to be stamped as F1 in my passport, I was surprised as I have all the legal document from homeland security which clearly says that my F1 status is approved and I have new I94 in it, and again the same Homeland security is asking me for F1 visa. The most funny thing is that the federal office employee working in SSN department doesn't know where to get visa.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fedora Linux Vs My computer

I had a very bad experience with fedora linux in my HP (AMD) notebook.

I installed fedora twice in my notebook, first time, in July 2006 with windows in other partition. It was running quite well and everything was fine, but after 2 days of installation, the next morning when I started my computer my whole operating system was crashed, and then I recoverd windows any how using recovery disk but my 20 GB of hard drive space was missing so then I sent my notebook to HP company to reset everything in factory setting, Thank god I was in warranty period, and then after I was trying to avoid installing linux in my system.

But since I am doing PhD in computational biophysics so I needed to install linux as everything in department I was running in linux so I thought last time it might be something wrong and might be coincidence so this time not to take risk I ask the computer expert to install linux (fedora) in my system, he did preety good and again everything was fine and working well except the wireless network which I was able to install. On the same very day after installation and all I shut down my notebook and went for department with my notebook where when I started my computer it was total disaster. My notebook was not letting be go into the BIOS either, it just showed me HP logo and kept on restarting, and when I tried to enter the BIOS so that I can boot computer from CD, it showed me a message "System BIOS shadowed", "Video BIOS shadowed" and that's it. I was not able to boot my computer not even enter the BIOS, and most interesting part is that my warranty period was expired, and I asked HP company for solution they gave me option of paying $298.00 and recover the system and have 90 days of warranty :( .And then I thought I should figure out the problem and see if it worths $298 to pay.

Finally, I figured it out that my hard drive is not working any more. After I removed my hard drive, I was able to enter the BIOS setup. Now I have to buy new hard drive.

From now on, I am never going to try Fedora or any other linux OS in my AMD HP notebook, although it might be coincidence.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Free Call

As we know there is "No such thing as a free lunch" but we can call for free (totally free). Believe me you can call your home no matter where you are and where your home is, still you can call any where in the world for free. The free minutes depends upon the country destination.

To get a free call you need to sign up an account (no risk) in and add the phone no# for your destination in the "Send calls to:" combo box and start calling everymonth for free.

I hope you will definetly enjoy this service making your loved and caring one near you.

ENJOY calling....