Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fedora Linux Vs My computer

I had a very bad experience with fedora linux in my HP (AMD) notebook.

I installed fedora twice in my notebook, first time, in July 2006 with windows in other partition. It was running quite well and everything was fine, but after 2 days of installation, the next morning when I started my computer my whole operating system was crashed, and then I recoverd windows any how using recovery disk but my 20 GB of hard drive space was missing so then I sent my notebook to HP company to reset everything in factory setting, Thank god I was in warranty period, and then after I was trying to avoid installing linux in my system.

But since I am doing PhD in computational biophysics so I needed to install linux as everything in department I was running in linux so I thought last time it might be something wrong and might be coincidence so this time not to take risk I ask the computer expert to install linux (fedora) in my system, he did preety good and again everything was fine and working well except the wireless network which I was able to install. On the same very day after installation and all I shut down my notebook and went for department with my notebook where when I started my computer it was total disaster. My notebook was not letting be go into the BIOS either, it just showed me HP logo and kept on restarting, and when I tried to enter the BIOS so that I can boot computer from CD, it showed me a message "System BIOS shadowed", "Video BIOS shadowed" and that's it. I was not able to boot my computer not even enter the BIOS, and most interesting part is that my warranty period was expired, and I asked HP company for solution they gave me option of paying $298.00 and recover the system and have 90 days of warranty :( .And then I thought I should figure out the problem and see if it worths $298 to pay.

Finally, I figured it out that my hard drive is not working any more. After I removed my hard drive, I was able to enter the BIOS setup. Now I have to buy new hard drive.

From now on, I am never going to try Fedora or any other linux OS in my AMD HP notebook, although it might be coincidence.

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Nabin said...

I have ubuntu installed in my inspiron. I hope these would not happen to my one.
I can not imagine the trouble.